For Korean Brands Suppliers

if you have brands made in Korea and you have dream to sell globally you can join today to achieve your goal by marketing your brands to thousands of Retailers, wholesalers and individual in middle east and around the world, today you can get free membership for ever, you can extend your brand globally and cross your local borders and make more revenue.

At © We provide high tech and empowered e-commerce infrastructure Enabling people to have efficient business in better and intelligent environment, helping every firm and investor or even individuals to develop their business and grow by giving them the ability to access new international markets and make significant cost-saving with quality assurance, our ecosystem designed and build to enable every consumer to be connected directly with heart of Korean Markets at same time it will lead Korean merchants to have opportunity to establish a good business position in the MENA markets specially in GCC part to rapidly increase the international sales

Korean Brands Focus © is focusing on connecting Koreans markets with MENA markets through offering e-commerce services only for Korean brands who interested to sell their products and show case to MENA Region through high-efficiency platform enabling them to reach big number of potential customers and open new markets to quickly increase the revenue, breaking the geographical boundaries and show their brands to customers for free and through powerful tools available on the platform

Innovated Marketplace 

Our innovated online marketplace gathering between Retail Marketplace and Wholesales Market Place, both Marketplaces offering sell and Buy service for millions of people around the world. In recent years, the MATJARI Group (MJ) The Owner of © has been successfully engaged in a strategy of growing its international operations at record rates, while also maintaining the core strength of its domestic business in the United Arab Emirates and MENA. In 2014, MATJARI updated its corporate strategy from the ENGAGE pillars that were presented in the past to a newer, fresher outlook that sets the company at the heart of a rapidly evolving ecommerce industry.

Importers at © our platform will be help SMEs/SMBs to reduce import cost by eliminating travel cost, broker percentage, transportations, communication issue and the most important asset is the time, customers can save all mentioned expenses and focus on developing their business instead of focusing on import process itself and wasting time on looking for the right source or right market and prices, and loss the quality control. Our aim is to connect business entity in ME with sellers and suppliers in Korea and that will help to bring more new and unique concept items into our MENA region.

when it's come to small orders and MOQ issue, on © platform we resolve this issue by offering partial shipment options by negotiating directly with suppliers on behalf of the customers, and no more MOQ to be forced by suppliers or manufacturer, also ready to ship is another option for reseller, retailers or importers who want to have quick deals, in addition, © will offer best shipping rate through our international partners who can deliver door to door with competitive cost.

K-Beauty and Korean Fashion

Last year, Korea exported $2.64 billion dollars in cosmetics and beauty products. K-beauty, as it’s nicknamed, has been steadily growing in popularity in North America since BB Cream—an all in one face moisturizer and makeup—hit the market here in 2011. American brands began selling their versions of the product, popularized in Korea, inspiring a devout following of K-beauty believers.

The appeal of Korean beauty extends beyond the unusual ingredients like snail slime and bee venom and artichoke extract, and even beyond the innovative packaging and product design. K-beauty is an experience

In Koreastores we are focusing on Korean beauty industry because we have excellent experience and deep relation with Korean suppliers and brand owners, that we help us to help other importers and organizations to bring new product to their customers and run away from high competition business, today koreastores has big network of sourcing different type of Beauty products and big market as well in UAE and GCC. Our knowledge is qualifying us to assist companies to establish good business and make revenue in few months